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EcoBike SX300

Size Guide


The top of the range SX model from EcoBike is the SX300. Combining the features of the SX E-MTB with a central hub motor, for a smoother and more natural feeling ride. Providing good traction on unstable ground and high durability in difficult conditions.

The great thing about the SX300 is that it's an amazing E-MTB, owing to the integrated battery and motor placement, offering a high end Electric Mountain Bike experience at a great cost.


Two Models:

20" Frame GREEN
18" Frame BLUE



Range* 35 - 100 Miles
Charge Time 4 - 6 Hours
Weight 24.9kg
Motor Location Rear Hub
Power 250W
Max Power 560W
Frame Size 20 Inch or 18 Inch
Wheel Size 28 Inch

*Range depends on many external factors - use as a guide only.