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EcoBike S-Cross L White (Small)

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If you had to design the ideal hybrid electric bike, the S-Cross from EcoBike would have to be it. The S-Cross L E-Bike is a modern step through designed hybrid. For riding through the City, going out on the road or taking a trek in the woods, the S-Cross e-bike will give you confidence in all those settings.

Combining the agility of a road bike, convenience and practicality of a city bike and the durability of a mountain bike. This is the S-Cross hybrid e-bike.

Frame Size 17 Inch
Wheel Size 28 Inch


  • Range: 30 - 100 Miles
    Weight:  25.3 kg
    Max Load:  125kg
    Display:  LCD
    Frame:  17" Aluminium
    Wheels:  Reinforced rims, stainless steel spokes
    Tyres:  Schwalbe ENERGIZER PLUS
    Front Cassette:  Shimano AFCM371C866CL
    Derailleur:               Shimano Alivio
    Suspension:  SunTour E-25
    Brakes:  Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc
    Shifters:  Shimano Altus
    Handlebar:  PROMAX HB-3188
    Head Set:  Promax MA-595S
    Lighting:  Spanning Front & Back
    Hub:  Modus MD-JA159F-DSE-QR
    Saddle:  Selle Royal LOOKIN-A200
    Packages Dimensions:      140 x 25 x 75 cm
    Bike Dimensions:  190 x 62 x 120 cm
  • Make: LG Lithium Ion
    Voltage: 36v
    Amp Hours: 13Ah
    Charge Time:      4 - 6 Hours
    Life: > 700 Charges
  • Make: Bafang
    Voltage: 36v
    Nominal Power:      250w
    Max Power: 560w
    Speed: 15.5 Mph
    Mount Location: Rear Hub

LCD Display

Everything on the S-Cross is controlled from C700 LCD Display. With 6 driving assistance modes, speedometer, odometer and battery status. Further ability is provided to control the front and rear lights. A USB port gives you the option to charge your smartphone or other USB device.


To keep the weight down on this hybrid e-bike, while at the same time ensuring rigidity and confidence when riding, the bicycle frame is made of lightweight aluminum alloys to which the powerful LG battery has been integrated into the frame, so as not to become a hinderance when riding, all while maintaining that sleek S-Cross hybrid design look.

Shifting Gears

The S-Cross is equipped with front and rear Shimano Alivio derailleurs, which when used together not only feel like a traditional pedal bike, but offer a multitude of gear options for different terrains and gradiants. Those gears are accompanied by a brushless and non-resisting electric motor to instantly transforms this into an E-Bike you will keep going back to.

Stopping the Bumps

To stop your S-Cross, it comes with front and back Shimano BR-MT200 hydraulic disc brakes, with 3-finger brake lever. A disc brake with a high, precisely metered braking force in its powerful design. Opposing pistons prevent vibrations. Natural mineral oil as hydraulic fluid, environmentally friendly and is neither toxic nor corrosive. For soaking up the bumps, the S-Cross hybrid is equipped with the Suntour NEX E-25 front shocks, specifically intended for electric bikes. They feature damping, which stops the front of bike bouncing back up when you go over a hard bump. Great all-rounder for on-off road use and performance under heavy breaking.

Hybrid Features

The S-Cross also includes, in it's long line of features, a full lighting system supplied by Spanninga, with the front KENDO+ light resulting in an impressive visibility distance of 3000 meters and a bicycle riders’ sight of 70 meters. At the back a rear pannier is installed for travelling with luggage and front and rear mud guards offer protection in the wet and muddy conditions. With all these features in such a good price, it's difficult not to decide on an S-Cross e-bike.