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GeoBike X-Road 2.0 S


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The X-Road 2.0 S sits on the border between a Road and a Hybrid electric bike. Regardless of this eBikes trekking capability, there is no doubt it is perfect for those tarmac surfaces and cycle paths, combining great looks with some great features. Giving the appearance of a traditional road bike by utilising the inline battery in white, it disappears into the background. Sleek, with a 23kg weight and integrated display in the handlebars, you will enjoy riding this for those long commutes or leisurely rides around town.

Range* 30 - 80 Miles
Charge Time 4 - 6 Hours
Weight 23kg
Motor Location Rear Hub
Power 250W
Frame Size 21 Inch
Wheel Size 28 Inch

*Range depends on many external factors - use as a guide only.

X-Road 2.0 S

The GeoBike X-Road 2.0 S is an electric bike designed for driving on paved roads. Supreme commuting, long distance touring or leisurely road trips, this eBike was created for people who want to cover long distances or move quickly through city streets.


  • Weight:  23 kg
    Max Load:  125kg
    Display:  LCD Kingmeter JustOne (in Stem)
    Frame:  Aluminium
    Wheels:  Reinforced rims, stainless steel spokes
    Tyres:  Kenda 
    Derailleur:               Shimano Acera 8 Speed (Rear)
    Suspension:  Non - Rigid Fork
    Brakes:  G-Bike XT Disc Brakes (TEKTRO NOVELA) 
    Lighting:  Spanninga Front & Back LED
    Saddle:  Velo Plush
  • Make: Samsung Lithium Ion
    Voltage: 36v
    Amp Hours: 10Ah
    Charge Time:      4 - 6 Hours
    Life: > 700 Charges
  • Make: Bafang
    Voltage: 36v
    Nominal Power:      250w
    Speed: 15.5 Mph

The X-Road 2.0 S has an integrated LCD display that is part of the handlebar. This avoids cluttering the handlebar with bulky control units and maintains that original bicycle look. With a display that shows speed, battery, distance travelled and assistance level, accompanied with USB phone charging and light control.

Equipped with a detachable inline high-quality SAMSUNG battery with a capacity of 10.4 Ah that allows you to travel up to 75  miles assisted cycling. Thanks to this, the bike is suitable for long cycling trips, at the same time it is ideal for urban conditions - the large range means that we do not have to remember to charge the battery every day.

The X-Road 2.0 S is equipped with a rear Shimano Acera 8 speed derailleur, accompanied by a brushless and non-resisting BAFANG electric motor that offers 5 levels of assisted cycling. This offers a great riding experience when on the tarmac and you can easily tackle hills or climbs by changing these variables.

Combining Shimano XT and TEKTRO Novela hydraulic disc brakes the X-Road will not let you down when you need to put on the brakes. Wheels are fitted with KENDA tyres for minimal rolling resistance that ensure efficient driving on asphalt, concrete and other paved surfaces.

You can enjoy riding the X-Road even more as it comes equipped with all the features you would expect for a road bike. Mudguards front and back, SPANNINGA LED lights, a pannier rack for additional bag attachments, as well as a USB port for charging your mobile or other devices while on the move. This makes the X-Road great for commuting or long distance touring.

Around the world

Maciej Wdowski decided to go on an Around the World cycling road trip. Riding a bicycle through five continents, 50 countries and 50,000 kilometers! He used the GeoBike X-Road 2.0 which you can see pictured here while in Ukraine. It's a facinating adventure and if you'd like to read more about Maciej's travels, he's got a great site here