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GeoBike Subaru Roca

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You'll have to admit, this is a truly unique electric bike. A Hybrid trekking ebike dedicated to the now very famous Subaru rally cars. It comes equipped with IXOW equipment such as a Steampark rotating stem, which allows you to easily twist the handle bars at an angle for space saving in narrow areas! As well as Steampark, it has IXOW Safering saddle protection, an anti-theft seat protection system.

A well-equipped trekking e-bike with a comfortable, lowered frame for easy mounting, this is one electric bike you won't see very often.


Range* 30 - 75 Miles
Charge Time 4 - 6 Hours
Weight 24kg
Motor Location Front Hub
Power 250W
Frame Size 20 Inch
Wheel Size 28 Inch

*Range depends on many external factors - use as a guide only.

Subaru Roca

The Subaru Roca is front wheeled drive hybrid electric bike. Although boasting a 20" frame, with the low crossbar it allows greater flexibility for the rider height and makes mounting, dismounting easier. Great for a mixture of terrains and capable over hills and long distances due to the 250W motor and 12Ah battery.


  • Weight:  24.7 kg
    Max Load:  125kg
    Display:  LCD Kingmeter (+ USB Slot)
    Frame:  Aluminium
    Wheels:  Reinforced rims, stainless steel spokes
    Tyres:  Schwalbe MARATHON +
    Derailleur:               SHIMANO Alivio 9 speed (Rear)
    Suspension:  RST NEON-ML 
    Brakes:  V-Brakes
    Lighting:  MACTRONIC SCREAM lights
    Saddle:  Selle Royal
  • Make: Samsung Lithium Ion
    Voltage: 36v
    Amp Hours: 12Ah
    Charge Time:      4 - 6 Hours
    Life: > 700 Charges
  • Make: Bafang
    Voltage: 36v
    Nominal Power:      250w
    Speed: 15.5 Mph

The Subaru Roca uses the King Meter control unit where you can control all functions of the bike, speed, distance travelled, assistance level, power usage. Additionally there is a USB slot which allow charging of other devices, such as a mobile phone, while on the move.

The Subaru Roca comes equipped with some excellent features. Fitted with IXOW Stem Park system, it allows you to change the angle of the stem. This gives greater flexibility when storing the bike in narrow areas. The saddle is also installed with the IXOW Safering, which locks the saddle post, preventing it from being stolen.

Extra features included with the Subaru Roca, is an excellent set of SCREAM LED lights, by Mactronic, a leading premium quality lighting equipment company in Poland. Mudguards, a pannier rack and chain guard complete the package in what is an iconic and original electric bike.

Size Guide

Electrice Bike (E-Bike) Sizing Guide


The Sizing for the below bikes are currently aligned to the EcoBike & GeoBike products, typically they come in 3 different frame sizes, 17, 19 and 20 Inches Frames.

With a step-through frame, exact sizing is less important because there is no impact when coming off the saddle.

For a cross barbike, riders need to take into consideration the frame size more, due to the impedance when coming off the saddle. Contact us if you need more info.

* 20" Frame can be suitable for a 5ft 7" rider to take advantage of the 29" Rims, which typically accompany this frame size.


EcoBike Folding E-Bike Size Guide

For folding E-Bikes, typical rider height is between 5ft to 6ft+ as seat and handle bar position is highly configurable.