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EcoBike S5

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Do you want one of the best looking electric mountain bikes available right now? Combining a traditional mountain bike design, but with the integration of a battery and electric motor, the S Series from EcoBike is there range of MTB e-bikes. Built specifically to take on tough terrain, the motor is placed in the rear wheel so you benefit from better traction and stability when out on the track.

For the components used, quality and the attention to detail EcoBike have put into the S Series, you'll be hard pressed to find another  e-bike that matches this at the price it is.


Range* 30 - 100 Miles
Charge Time 4 - 6 Hours
Weight 23.7kg
Motor Location Rear Hub
Power 250W
Max Power 560W
Frame Size 20 Inch
Wheel Size 29 Inch

*Range depends on many external factors - use as a guide only.

The S Series

The S Series, built for off road in the style of the classic Mountain Bike. An E-Bike Mountain Bike lets you explore the wilderness for longer due to the assistance you get from the rear motor. Saddle up, its time to ride.


  • Weight:  23.9 kg
    Max Load:  125kg
    Display:  LCD
    Frame:  Aluminium
    Wheels:  Reinforced rims, stainless steel spokes
    Tyres:  Schwalbe Smart Car
    Front Cassette:                  Shimano AFCM371C422CL
    Derailleur:  Shimano ACERA
    Suspension:  SunTour XCM HLO DS 29"
    Brakes:  Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc
    Shifters:  Shimano Altus
    Handlebar:  Zoom MTB-AL-312BT
    Head Set:  Promax MA-47
    Saddle:  VELO VL-3363
    Packages Dimensions:       141 x 24 x 91 cm
    Bike Dimensions:  190 x 62 x 120 cm
  • Make: LG Lithium Ion
    Voltage: 36v
    Amp Hours: 10Ah
    Charge Time:      4 - 6 Hours
    Life: > 700 Charges
  • Make: Bafang
    Voltage: 36v
    Nominal Power:      250w
    Torque 45 Nm
    Speed: 15.5 Mph


The control center of the S Series is the LCD C300S, with 6 driving assistance modes, speedometer, odometer and battery status along with the ability to measure distance travelled in several configurations.

Built for the mountain

Shimano Acera 9 Speed ​​rear derailleur and Shimano Altus 3 Speed ​​front derailleur provide optimal flexibility in a variety of terrain conditions and gradiants. For maximum safety in mountainous terrain, the S5 comes with front and back Shimano BR-MT200 hydraulic disc brakes, with 3-finger brake lever. A disc brake with a high, precisely metered braking force in its powerful design. Opposing pistons prevent vibrations. Natural mineral oil as hydraulic fluid, environmentally friendly and is neither toxic nor corrosive

Supporting design

To keep the weight down on this mountain e-bike, while at the same time ensuring rigidity and confidence when riding, the bicycle frame is made of lightweight aluminum alloys to which the powerful LG battery has been integrated into the frame. This location is particularly important in mountain bikes, when centrally mounted it gives excellent weight distribution ensuring you're not hindered when riding. It also maintains that classic mountain bike look.

The 29ER

20" frame and 29" rims gives the S5 greater ability in rough terrain and across bumps or obstacles, especially when it's combined with a Bafang motor producing 45 Nm of torque. For soaking up the bumps, the S5 mountain bike comes equipped with the Suntour XCM HLO DS 29" front shocks, designed for durability and high impacts, these are suited for hard terrain bikes.

Size Guide

Electrice Bike (E-Bike) Sizing Guide


The Sizing for the below bikes are currently aligned to the EcoBike & GeoBike products, typically they come in 3 different frame sizes, 17, 19 and 20 Inches Frames.

With a step-through frame, exact sizing is less important because there is no impact when coming off the saddle.

For a cross barbike, riders need to take into consideration the frame size more, due to the impedance when coming off the saddle. Contact us if you need more info.

* 20" Frame can be suitable for a 5ft 7" rider to take advantage of the 29" Rims, which typically accompany this frame size.


EcoBike Folding E-Bike Size Guide

For folding E-Bikes, typical rider height is between 5ft to 6ft+ as seat and handle bar position is highly configurable.