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Indiana E-City

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The Indiana E-City is an elegant City Electric Bike, styled on the the proven and popular City style bike seen in many European cities. Offering a superb riding position, excellent range and very affordable price, this is a great eBike for travelling through the City.


Range* 30 Miles
Charge Time 4 - 6 Hours
Weight 24kg
Motor Location Rear Hub
Power 250W
Max Power 320W
Frame Size 17 Inch
Wheel Size 28 Inch

*Range depends on many external factors - use as a guide only.


EcoBike Indiana E-City

A classic City bicycle design, the Indiana E-City is ideal for the City streets with the extra assistance from the rear electric motor, it makes the ride enjoyable and comfortable. With added features of a leather saddle and handle bar grips, it's difficult to tell this is actually an eBike. With a 6 speed Shimano derailleur, you'll have plenty of options around the City streets.


  • Weight:  24.5 kg
    Max Load:  100kg
    Display:  LED - 3 Modes of driving support
    Frame:  Aluminium
    Wheels:  Reinforced rims, stainless steel spokes
    Tyres:  Impac Streetpac TwinSkin
    Front Cassette:                  Prowheel PRO-A42
    Derailleur:  Shimano TOURNEY - 6 gears
    Brakes: PROMAX TX-117
    Packages Dimensions:       141 x 24 x 91 cm
    Bike Dimensions:  190 x 62 x 120 cm
  • Make: Lithium Ion
    Voltage: 36v
    Amp Hours: 7.8Ah
    Charge Time:      4 - 6 Hours
    Life: > 700 Charges
  • Voltage: 36v
    Nominal Power:      250w
    Max Power: 320w
    Speed: 15.5 Mph
Size Guide

Electrice Bike (E-Bike) Sizing Guide


The Sizing for the below bikes are currently aligned to the EcoBike & GeoBike products, typically they come in 3 different frame sizes, 17, 19 and 20 Inches Frames.

With a step-through frame, exact sizing is less important because there is no impact when coming off the saddle.

For a cross barbike, riders need to take into consideration the frame size more, due to the impedance when coming off the saddle. Contact us if you need more info.

* 20" Frame can be suitable for a 5ft 7" rider to take advantage of the 29" Rims, which typically accompany this frame size.


EcoBike Folding E-Bike Size Guide

For folding E-Bikes, typical rider height is between 5ft to 6ft+ as seat and handle bar position is highly configurable.