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Who are we

Ride Green is a family run business based on the south coast of the UK committed to suppling good quality, affordable electric bikes, e-bikes, e-scooters, e-skateboards, anything electric with a wheel that is in-line with green technology that helps move us towards a greener society.

We're just starting out on our journey and our business is still very small in comparison to some of the much bigger companies selling the electric revolution. However, that doesn't mean we're any less passionate about what we do.

Why Ride Green?

The idea behind Ride Green was a simple one. Imagine swapping the car for a bike, what kind of world would we have? We actually saw a glimpse of that during the recent Coronavirus restrictions, where people did literally ditch the car in favour of the bike. Unfortunately, many of the conveniences of travelling by car are just not accessible when you get on a bike or scooter. That's where electrically powered bikes, scooter and skateboards fit in. While they don't provide all the luxury of a car, obviously, they can appeal to a wider audience and get more people involved in swapping trips they would normally do in a car, to trips on a bike. A greener ride? Ride Green.

Why Electric?

Shifting our modes of transport to electric, or in the case of electric bikes, assisted electric, is a game changer. It's the snowball effect. Market share for electric cars in the UK in 2020, is around 8%, pretty low. If we can get more people interested in electric transport, be it bikes, scooters or skateboards, the adoption of other electric vehicles like cars will increase and at the same time reduce the usage of the traditional car. The technology of electric motors, batteries and control units is constantly being improved. This translates into more efficient, more environmentally friendly and lower cost products. At Ride Green we want to be part of that change and help introduce people to the world of electric vehicles.

what now?

Hopefully you'll see that the products we stock and suppliers we work with are very much on the same journey as we are, promoting green technology and a greener lifestyle.

We'll continue to look out for companies who want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem and we hope you can join us on that journey together.